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Moulding The System To Suit Your World

How It Started My Old School Essentials game has truly grown in ways I never expected. What began as a modest attempt at trying Moldvay D&D within the organizational structure of a West Marches game has now become a couple dozen players, five referees, and well many more RPG enthusiasts discussing the games throughout the day. Originally, I had every intent of taking a considerable length of time to build a deep world for them to play with. Instead, I opted for scheduled dungeon delves in a shared world, such that the players get an opportunity to get their feet wet in some instant dungeon madness, laser-focusing their time into the thing that the game is all about. I decided that I'd make a regional map, write a couple dungeons, and get the ball rolling. Where It Has Gone I don't want to dwell here too long, but to be brief, I started putting in fairly vague world details for the players to work with. It was enough to help them understand, from a basic perspect

DCC Hole In The Sky by Brendan LaSalle Review

Good evening, everybody! This is Aaron the Pedantic and today I am reviewing Brendan LaSalle's Hole in the Sky for DCC.  This is a 0-level funnel, which means lots and lots of stabbity death. This was actually the first product I have ever run that was written by Brendan, so I didn't really have any expectations set, other than the general overall quality that most Goodman Games products have. The art is fantastic, the maps are fantastic, and the layout is fantastic.  The module is incredibly easy to pick up and run.  I read the module about 4 hours before game time and spent about an hour studying it.  With as little prep time as I took, the game ran smoothly with very few hitches.  Any questions I had were easily answered in the appropriate section. The module does a fantastic job of providing a solid hook for the players to bite into.  Each of the player characters are peasants who feel like they were always destined for something greater, and they begin having dreams of a L