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Reframing Alignment For Newer Players

Let's not waste time with flowery language. Here's how I'm presenting alignment for my games. Alignment is not about personal beliefs. It's an abstraction that explains a character's place in a large-scale cosmological conflict. There are four alignments... Law - You fight for the side of order, creation, and justice. Adherents can include everyone from a cold-hearted but litigious judge to a devout acolyte or even a scout tracking the armies of Chaos. Neutral - You fight for the side of balance, preservation, and survival. Adherents could include fey creatures and servants or guardians of nature. Chaos - You fight for the side of entropy, self-determination, and power. This will include anarchists, slavers, cultists, raiders, and monsters. Unaligned -  You have no place in this conflict. Chances are, you're probably the citizen of a place of Law who benefits from the protections paid for with the blood of Lawful warriors. Perhaps you're weak or infirm. Mayb