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D&D 5e Brutal Low-Fantasy Hack

The purpose of this hack is to take the 5e system and gut the things that make it heroic high fantasy.  It removes the need to concern yourself with complex character creation that is aimed at optimizing a character.  It uses the oracular approach to character creation.  With this hack, all the players need to do is get a copy of the free Basic 5e rules.  There's absolutely no need to give WotC hundreds of dollars to keep up with the latest additions to the system. Here are the pros: All adventurers share a common history/background. They've seen some shit. They're part of the world. They're capable but not too capable. Magic is less predictable, more risk/reward. Adventurers end up having a little extra HP at first level but there isn't the problem of HP bloat of higher levels Spells don't get too ridiculous. Creatures and deities will be sought to deal with conditions that level4+ spells might make a non-issue (namely death and dismemberment). Preserv

Actual Fucking Monsters

Aaron Reviews Actual Fucking Monsters by Jim Desborough. A good day to yous, all.  I’m Aaron and today we’re going over Grim Jim Desborough’s latest Role Playing Game, Actual Frakking Monsters. Let me start by saying bad language is the least of our worries, so I’m going to assume that if that’s going to be a bother, you should probably bail.  I’ll give you a couple seconds. We good now?  Kids in bed?  Okay.  Actual Fucking Monsters.  What is it?  Well, Actual Fucking Monsters is Grim Jim’s answer to the age old question: What the fuck happened to murderous, sociopathic bad guys in horror films, can I be one in a Role Playing Game, and should they have wicked ass powers?  All right, age old questionS.  Basically, “Everyone’s all into moral relativistic hippie bullshit villains now, yes they can, and yes they should.” What is your typical game of Actual Fucking Monsters like?  Essentially, your players (or you, if you’re lucky), will create customized monsters complete with origin